komanda History of Team «Atlet-2004»

The history of our team originates from 2010, when our coach Grinchuk Roman Mykolajovich selected first-year schoolboys and set up a team on the base of the specialized school №296. It was at that school in its  small sport hall where we held our first training year. Of course, since that time our team has changed significantly (90-95%), but without the first page of its history there would not be continued. With a smile on the face we remember the first steps: the first pass, the first hit, the first trick, the first goal, the first victory, the first disappointment, and playing football, which was more like a fight 2 on 2 (although it is not clear either with a rival or a ball).

In a year, we have grown seriously: in football skills there was a lot of positive changes – school became not spacious enough. Еhe coach noticed this - and we began to train in our present home-based at sport school «Atlet».

2011-2012 school year was very prominent for us - this was a year of the first tournament and first trip abroad in Hungary, the significant union with FC «Troeshchyna». Then it was so unusual, because yesterday we were principal rivals, and the next day we became teammates! We were joined by Alexander G. and Dmitry Yu - assistant coach and goalkeeper coach. There is so much to remember, but the most important is that it was time when we began to feel like a football team.

pro-komandu-atlet-2004-2 2013 is an unforgettable year! Our first trophy - the «Darnitsa Cup 2013».

First championship, and although out of contest, but the championship! We became the best team in Kiev, going through all the season without a single defeat!

Memorable and bright «Fragaria Cup 2013» in Presov (Slovakia), where we stopped in a step from the desirable awards, taking the 4th place! And many more bright and pleasant events!

Although 2013 was successful and positive for us, but we believe that this is just the start, a springboard for the future even more brilliant achievements of our favorite team «Atlet-2004»! We go on to move forward, because we love football, we have a dream and we have a goal. And most importantly - we are a real team!

«Atlet», go ahead!