vympel atlet 150x243History of the development of youth football in school begins in the distant 70s. In 1970 united youth teams «Gorono-2» and two adult teams of "Kiev meat factory» of Darnytsa district of Kiev. This union gave the name to the club «Druzhba» (Friendship). The club was headed by a coach AP Kamzolov and instructor MN Skoryi.

In 1977 for the club sports complex with a game hall and 36x18 football field with green lawn was built.

In the mid 80’s active development of the school, its infrastructure, staffing and enrollment took place. In  1986 director of Sports Complex VI Vaskevich invited in the team of sports complex as football coaches former pupils of the school - EV Filenko and SV Nakhabov. They actively united their attempts for achievement the goal - to create a famous name for school not only in Kiev but also in the whole Ukrainian football. In 1988 the club «Druzhba» took part in championship of Kiev by the teams of all age groups and since that has been a constant participant of all the city's football  events and other prestigious tournaments for children of different age.

April 14, 2003 Club «Druzhba» united with the school «Atlet», by the order №352 of the Main Department of Physical Culture and Sports and forms a single structure - sport children-youth school of Olympic reserve «Atlet». In the same year Sports School «Atlt» heritages  sports complexes  on  Trostyanetska street., 60 and on  Zroschuvalna street., 4-A. This has enabled the school to attract a large number of new students who love football and want to learn the basics of true mastery of this wonderful game.

July 15, 2006 on the of the school coaches initiative a football club «Atlet» was founded. The main purpose of the club  is providing school «Atlet» graduates by opportunities to continue improvement of their professional football skills. In the meantime the adult team of FC «Atlet» left the first league of championship in Kiev and transferred to the highest league. In Kiev Championship (Highest League) FC «Atlet» is among the top teams in Kiev. The best achievement is winning bronze (2011) and silver (2008) medals, final of the Cup of Kiev (2007), winner of the V. Muntean Cup (2008, 2010, 2011).